Every woman dreams about that one clothing item that could be combined with different other clothes and accessories and look completely different, because everyone knows unwritten fashion law- do not wear same clothes two or more days.

Spring and summer is coming, but it doesn't mean that you have to get dozens of dresses os skirts, the main idea is to get one, which is practical. That practical dress should be in one color theme, or even better it should be in dark colors - so you are going to be able wear it as with dark jacket and with light color jacket. Practical dress should be combined almost with every shoe pair - high-heels, sandals, sneakers and even boots, so as necessary you can change only shoes and you will be ready to go, for example, from work to the party to evening walk. Of course, flower print is an integral on spring / summer collection clothes, important thing is that these flowers shouldn't be in bright colors.

Choosing dress like in the photos you will be able to have at least 3 different looks - for work, for party, for everyday wear. Try to play with accessories, they can change one look into another very easily. For example, invest in 3 different size bags. One bag should be large, so you can wear it to work or to school. Second bag should be in medium size - you can choose fashionable backpack, which is very popular now, as in our case. Last bag you should have is small, cross-boddy bag so you could wear it to the parties.

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